Operating Structure

Governing Bodies


THE SCHOOL BOARD-OMR is chaired by the head teacher and part of the same
The Head of Studies
The Secretary of the Center (with voice but no vote)
10 teachers elected by the faculty
15 students-as chosen from students
1 representative from the council
1 representative of PAS


  • Headteacher: Jose Antonio Benitez Town

    * Secretary: Arantza Otegi Apraiz
* Head of Studies: Juan Antonio Menchaca Alberdi

* Chief Scientific-Technological Dept: Begoña Torres Uribeetxebarria
* Communication Dept Head: Marta Arce Buron
* Social Dopt Chief: Olga Egaña Gutierrez

* EGAKA: M ª Nieves Gaspar Tomas
* Counselor: Ana Tere Martinez Anton

Teaching staff

Organ in which all teachers are present in the center. During the 2010-2011 academic year consists of staff-as 26 professors, including 24 full-time, a high school teacher by day and one third of the East share with the CEPA-PORTUGALETE