Spanish & Euskera for foreign learners

EPA centers are referring to those immigrants seeking literate in any of the official languages of the BAC and will have specific literacy programs.

The diversity of points of departure requires customization of each student's educational pathways-a.

In the case of immigrants with basic training in their country of origin, contrasted in the center through the initial evaluation, and sufficient knowledge of the language are located in the module and their respective level, incorporating them into groups based on their same level.


All persons over 18 years from a foreign country not Hispanic. They require an identity card certifying their status.

They are distributed in three levels of Spanish language proficiency

1. Know nothing of our language and illiterate in their mother tongue
2. Literacy handled with some difficulty and are expressed with little clarity
3. Have studied at home and have a basis for moving towards grammatical concepts of the Castilian language.

Subjects taught

* Read and write simple texts
* Oral and written expression.
* Several years of Spanish vocabulary and grammatical concepts
* Knowledge of socio-cultural environment where they live.
* Analysis and evaluation of reality.
* Implementation of trips and visits to places of interest.


Throughout the school year divided into two semesters, at two hours per day.


It is offered in morning and afternoon. There are different levels that are established according to the students


At school