Arautu gabeko prestakuntza

Literary circles

La Tertulia Literaria is a cultural and educational activity that is developing in different types of institutions, whether adult schools, parents associations, cultural and educational institutions.
The results are striking: the literary circle, through its methodology, get people who have not read any book we get to enjoy the works of classical literature universal

Review of access to university for over 25 years

In the center are prepared for the test materials to the University Access. This test, performed on the UPV or the University of Deusto, allows access to university studies (Degree) and as grounds for internal competitions in different agencies. For more information UPV-EHU and Deusto

History of Art

The main objective of this module of History of Art is not art as art objects, but the artwork itself, but in its different aspects. Because the artwork is not only a finished article, but a historical source of knowledge for all those peripherals that surround it: techniques, artists, historical situation, purpose of the work, sponsor ....

This module is not intended as a "History of Art" and study the work of art only from the standpoint estilísitco or merely historical, on the contrary is intended to address the specific concept studies of the various arts and techniques concretgas.

On the other parate not intended as a high-level treaty on the subject, for that there is sufficient literature on the subject, but to provide an adequate overview of the educational level to which it is directed: Adults. Simultaneously, the study aims to encourage ongoing and updated knowledge of the participants for their personal Enrichment.

Computer 1 and 3

The Information and Communication Technologies are increasingly used. The forecast is to be used more in the future. Having a basic training has become a must


French and French culture because of its geographical proximity as well as its influence in the world are of undeniable importance