• Three levels are offered:
  • Level 1 (Windows and Word)
  • Level 2 (Internet tools, email, web 2.0)
  • Level 3 (Office Tools)


  • Persons interested in starting and deepen their ICT skills

Subjects taught

  • Introduce the basic operation of Windows.
  • To provide an effective control of the most common Word word-processing.
  •  Practice in a simple way with Excel, Power Point, Access, Publisher, Windows MWdays Marker ... in their applications for the home environment.
  • Internet, browsers, search engines, web access to information, training. E-Commerce, E-Mail-Groups, Web 2.0
  • Promote the use of the applications referred to in the personal and family sphere


  • 2 hours per week during the school year


  • Each module has a morning or afternoon schedule


  • Central computer room.