Secondary Education Certificate

GRADE I served on a priority basis to people with less education and its fundamental purpose is the attainment of functional literacy. It should allow the adult population to acquire the basic content of mathematics and linguistic communication, comprehension, and oral and written interaction, primarily to facilitate acquisition of basic skills.

Within the Grade I ALFACARNÉ also provides accommodation for people with reading comprehension problems and want to pass the theory test to get a driving license class B


    * Female students and students with poor basic training who wish to acquire basic skills in the instrumental Aeras (reading, writing, arithmetic)


 * By global instrumental subjects are taught literacy and mathematics.
* Emphasize the use of the computer as a learning tool at this level.

ALFACARNÉ contents are the traffic rules and test.


    * Grade I covers two academic years at 10 hours per week.

Alfacarné covers one school year.