Review of access to university for over 25 years

In the center are prepared for the test materials to the University Access. This test, performed on the UPV or the University of Deusto, allows access to university studies (Degree) and as grounds for internal competitions in different agencies. For more information UPV-EHU and Deusto


Persons wishing to enter university with an age over 25 years

Subjects taught

Subject to review impartenEl University Access has two partes1. Common part: Includes four exercises related to

1. Comment by string

2. Language castellana

3. Foreign Language (choose between English, French, German, Italian or Portuguese)

4. Euskara (you can request exemption for good reason)

1. Specific tests: The structure exist in 5 different options, currently at the center are taught siguientes

Biología (Options Health Sciences and Science) History (options Humanities and Social Sciences)


  • School year. Depending on the student's starting point-a more time may be necessary


  • Monday to Friday mornings


  • In the center premises